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Item picture HATAKEYAMA Miyuki
ai ni MELODY
Label: Rhythm Zone
Catalog no.: RZCD-45280

Released on 2005.11.23 at ¥ 1260
Our Price: ¥ 320Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
1. 愛にメロディ
2. クレマチスよ
3. ただ、在るだけ (live)
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well (live)

Solo single by singer from Port of Notes (Crue-L Records).

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture HATAKEYAMA Miyuki
umi ga hoshii no ni / nemutte shimaitai
Label: Chordiary
Catalog no.: BFCA-82014

Released on 2003.7.2 at ¥ 1000
Our Price: ¥ 360Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. umi ga hoshii no ni
2. nemutte shimaitai

Produced by TOMITA Keichi (Tomita Lab) and featuring KINBARA Chieko strings.
CD-Extra with contents for Windows and Macintosh. MAY or MAY NOT work on non-Japanese computers.

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture HATAKEYAMA Miyuki
Diving into your mind / Complaining too much
Label: Face
Catalog no.: BFCA-82010

Released on 2002.4.26 at ¥ 1000
Our Price: ¥ 280Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
1. Diving into your mind
2. Complaining too much (with Ann Sally)

Track 2 produced by Gonzalez SUZUKI (Soul Bossa Trio).

No obi. Not promo.

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Port of Notes Port of Notes Audio sample (MP3 stream) 1997 ¥ 315Add to shopping cart 30% off!
1. kaze no mukou 2. Since I Lost You 3. Still You're Nothing 4. (I Could Feel You) Even In The Wind
Debut single. Port of Notes is HATAKEYAMA Miyuki and KOJIMA Daisuke.
Obi. Not promo.

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