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Item picture Idoling!!!
mujouken koufuku
Label: Pony Canyon
Catalog no.: PCCA-02965

Released on 2009.7.22 at ¥ 1200
Our Price: ¥ 300Add to shopping cart (50% off!)

Track list:
1. mujouken koufuku
2. houkago TELEPATHY
3. U
4. mujouken koufuku (Instrumental)

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture Idoling!!!
Baby Blue
Catalog no.: PCCA-02924

Released on 2009.4.29 at ¥ 1500
Our Price: ¥ 350Add to shopping cart (50% off!)

Track list:
1. Baby Blue
2. soushokukei CARNIVAL
3. kajuu 30% ORANGE JUICE tsubutsubu iri
4. Baby Blue (Instrumental)

Bonus DVD contains a 12-minute promotion film showing the photo shoot for the jacket and more (no music video).

Limited edition including bonus DVD (Region 2 (Japan/Europe) NTSC (Japan/North America)). No obi. Not promo.

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Under another name
puyopuyo Idoling!!! LOVE MAGIC FEVER 2009.12.16 ¥ 330Add to shopping cart 40% off!
1. LOVE MAGIC FEVER 2. Snow celebration -everlasting story- 3. LOVE MAGIC FEVER (Instrumental) 4. Snow celebration -everlasting story- (Instrumental)
Obi. Not promo.

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