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Item picture Kahimi Karie
Label: Victor
Catalog no.: VICL-61374

Released on 2004.5.21 at ¥ 3045
Our Price: ¥ 900Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. When will you be back?
2. Making our world
3. Free line
4. Pancartes (ari no gyouretsu)
5. yawarakai tsuki
6. Send me your sun
7. Divers
8. Gila Gila
9. I call you call me
10. NANA

Produced by KANDA Tomoki and TAKAI Koki. Track 2 music co-written, co-produced and featuring OYAMADA Keigo (Cornelius). Track 5 features OTOMO Yoshihide.

Digipak. Obi. Not promo.
Item picture Kahimi Karie
Once Upon A Time Audio sample (MP3 stream)
Label: Polydor
Catalog no.: POCH-1913

Released on 2000.3.29 at ¥ 2100
Our Price: ¥ 720Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. Do You Know The Time?
2. Metaphors
3. Turtle Song
4. Monsters
5. Lost In A Paris Nightclub

Written and produced by The Olivia Tremor Control.

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture Kahimi Karie
a K is a K is a K
Label: Polydor
Catalog no.: POCP-7344

Released on 1998.12.23 at ¥ 3059
Our Price: ¥ 735Add to shopping cart (30% off!)

Track list:
1. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (remixed by KONISHI Yasuharu)
2. What Are You Wearing? (remixed by SHINCO)
3. The Symphonies Of Beethoven (remixed by Add N To (X))
4. The Harder They Come (remix and additional production by TAKIMI Kenji)
5. Harmony Korine (dub) (remix and additional production by KANDA Tomoki)
6. Orly-Narita (remixed by Buffalo Daughter)
7. The Symphonies Of Beethoven (remixed by Tsutchie)
8. Kahimi au téléphone (remixed by Shizuo)
9. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (remixed by HORIE Hirohisa)

Digipak. No obi (usually sticker on front). Not promo.

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Coba Sweet Poison 1997.1.22 ¥ 420Add to shopping cart 40% off!
1. Transparent Greece 2. Adriana Express 3. Talkativeness Days 4. Frequency Game 5. Tiny Monster 6. Purple Screaming 7. Melting Radio 8. Destiny 9. Fellinism 10. Quando sentirai da sola
Features Kahimi Karie vocals on track 5, Plaid arrangement/programming on track 6, Red Snapper music/arrangement/instruments on track 7, Yoshié cymbal on track 8.
No obi. Promo (sticker on back insert, small print in center of CD).
Cornelius 69/96 Audio sample (MP3 stream) 1995.11.1 ¥ 840Add to shopping cart 20% off!
1. 69/96 A Space Odyssey ~Prelude (In Atami) 2. Moon Walk 3. Brand New Season 4. Volunteer Ape Man 5. 1969 (Case of Monsieur Kamayatsu) 6. How Do You Feel? 7. 1969 8. Last Night In Africa 9. 1996 10. Blow My Mind 11. 69/96 Girl Meets Cassette 12. Concerto No.3 From The Four Seasons 13. Heavy Metal Thunder 14. Rock/96 15. World's End Humming ~Reprise (In Hawaii)
Track 6 by KONISHI Yasuharu. Album features Ellie (Love Tambourines), Kahimi Karie, Yoshié, Moog YAMAMOTO and Sugar YOSHINAGA (Buffalo Daughter), and Monsieur KAMAYATSU.
CD has light scratches but passed test spin. Limited edition soft vinyl package with large booklet. Obi. Not promo.

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