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Label: Pioneer
Catalog no.: PICZ-1001

Released on 2000.8.9 at ¥ 2940
Our Price: ¥ 300Add to shopping cart (50% off!)

1. pico pico my generation 2. venus (LPXver.) 3. R+j mo odoroku you na koi o shiyou 4. sora 5. POP6to7 6. ROCK7 7. boku wa gunjo iro de (P2000ver.) 8. DiSCO de TAMBOURINE 9. RBK's C ga sore o shitteiru 10. Hello 11. MaGiCaL 12. SeeK... 67. PaceMaker 69. Bye 99. kugi (LIVE in TKYO)
1. RBK's C ga sore o shitteiru (mai C mix) 2. HELLO (mix'M') 3. R+j mo odoroku you na koi o shiyou (instrumental for vo) 4. LET's Remix ver.0 (prologue of RePOP6.7)

First album.

Limited edition including bonus 3" CD. Obi. Promo (sticker over bar code on obi).

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Long Vacation Long Vacation's Pop 1992.8.26 ¥ 700Add to shopping cart 30% off!
1. Tout tout pour ma chérie 2. Theme Générique 3. aozora no kakera 4. kimi ni tsuite 5. Visionary Stories 6. Long Vacation's Touch 7. Ruling Class 8. ALABAMA SONG 9. The Figure of Summer 10. Baby Go Round
Early 90's techno-pop unit led featuring Kera of Nagomu Records. Includes covers and originals. Features INUYAMA Inuko chorus on 2 songs.
No obi. Not promo.
Mama Studio STEROTYPE POP 2001.3.13 ¥ 120Add to shopping cart 20% off!
1. STEROTYPE POP 2. QUIZ DERBY 3. mirai kirai 4. mada kana?
Includes sticker sheet. Obi. Promo (sticker over bar code on obi).
Motocompo Desktop Romancer Audio sample (MP3 stream) 1999.12.10 ¥ 720Add to shopping cart 20% off!
1. 24Hours Online 2. Candy-Pop-Corn 3. Drive My Car 4. Ski 5. Dat 2 6. You Think You're A Man 7. Coming Age
1st mini-album.
Obi. Not promo.
Roppongi Nene odoro yo BABY!! 1991.7.21 ¥ 250Add to shopping cart 50% off!
1. dou ni mo tomaranai 2. natsu no yoru no SAMBA 3. shiroi chou no SAMBA 4. kinu no kutsushita 5. koi no dorei 6. taiyou no kanata e 7. taiyou wa naiteiru 8. makka na taiyou 9. namida no taiyou 10. odoro yo BABY!! MEDLEY 11. dou ni mo tomaranai (Karaoke) 12. natsu no yoru no SAMBA (Karaoke) 13. taiyou no kanata e (Karakke) 14. namida no taiyou (Karaoke) 15. odoro yo BABY!! MEDLEY (Karaoke)
Cover album of mainly 70's Japanese pop songs. Includes cover of The Astronauts' "Movin'" (Japanese title "taiyou no kanata e").
Obi. Not promo.
Sweet Vacation I Miss You -ep- 2008.8.20 ¥ 475Add to shopping cart 50% off!
1. I Miss You ~yume de aetara~ 2. Summer Day (ver.1.0) 3. Super Slider Boy 4. Sweet Child O' Mine (2nd edition) 5. Sexy Girl (A-bee Remix)
Techno-pop unit of Japanese producer HAYAKAWA Daichi and singer May from Thailand. Track 4 is a cover of Guns N' Roses.
No obi. Not promo.
Tate & Markie Chase / ohiru Rock 2005.4.6 ¥ 100Add to shopping cart 50% off!
1. Chase 2. ohiru Rock 3. Birthday Song 4. Chase 2 Chase
Obi. Not promo.
TV Soundtrack NHK tensai Bit-kun ~Glory Days~ Audio sample (MP3 stream) 2003.2.19 ¥ 440Add to shopping cart 20% off!
16-track TV soundtrack for NHK series "tensai Bit-kun". Various styles, some songs with a techno-pop taste.
Obi. Promo (tiny print in center of CD).

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