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Item picture Ram Rider
Portable Disco
Label: Rhythm Zone
Catalog no.: RZCD-45265

Released on 2005.11.30 at ¥ 2500
Our Price: ¥ 665Add to shopping cart (30% off!)

Track list:
1. Opening
2. yume de aeru yo
5. MIRRORBALL (Ram Rider x Meister)
6. Sun Lights Stars (Ram Rider vs Space Cowboy)
7. Feels Gonna Feel
8. Hello
9. Sweet Dance
10. Door (Ram Rider x ISHIHARA Akira)
11. Space Walk (Ram Rider x Shoes)
12. Secret Dance
13. Music
14. BEDROOM DISCO (Ryukyudisko Remix)
15. Yellow, Magenta, Cyan And Black (feat. Midori)

Track 15 features Midori (YMCK).

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture Ram Rider
Sweet Dance
Label: Rhythm Republic
Catalog no.: RRCD-85339

Released on 2005.3.16 at ¥ 1000
Our Price: ¥ 390Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. Sweet Dance
2. Feels Gonna Feel
3. Music (Hit Bit Beep mix)
4. Sweet Dance (TV mix)
5. Feels Gonna Feel (Instrumental)

Contains video for "Sweet Dance" as CD-Extra.

Obi. Not promo.

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