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birdDiscovered and produced by OSAWA Shinichi (aka Mondo Grosso), bird debuted in 1999 with the single "Souls". Four months later, her first, self-titled album was released. The album sold 700,000 copies and received a Gold Disc Award in the "New Artists of the Year" category.

Like Mondo Grosso, her sound is mainly aimed at the club scene, with a touch of jazz. To this day, she has released a total of 5 albums and 18 singles, and her real name remains a secret.

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Item picture bird
Summer Nude / Dancing Sister
Label: Universal
Catalog no.: UPCH-5549

Released on 2008.7.23 at ¥ 1000
Our Price: ¥ 390Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. Summer Nude
2. Dancing Sister
3. Summer Nude (Instrumental)
4. Dancing Sister (Instrumental)
5. Dancing Sister (Remixed by Cargo

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture bird
Label: Sony
Catalog no.: AICL-1538

Released on 2004.7.22 at ¥ 1020
Our Price: ¥ 200Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
1. Hibiscus
2. Hibiscus (Instrumental)

Includes CD-extra contents (game?), not guaranteed to work.

Jacket slightly damaged from mis-insertion. No obi. Not promo. Label Gate Copy Control CD (will play in normal CD players, but will only play on computers with Windows after having downloaded a license from a Japanese Web site, which may not work outside of Japan).
Item picture bird
Label: Sony
Catalog no.: AICL-1386

Released on 2002.8.21 at ¥ 1223
Our Price: ¥ 280Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
2. saisei
3. FLASH (Instrumental)
4. saisei (Instrumental)

saisei features KINBARA Chieko Quartet.

Digipak. No obi. Not promo.
Item picture bird
Label: Sony
Catalog no.: AICT-1323

Released on 2001.8.22 at ¥ 1223
Our Price: ¥ 280Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
1. flow
2. mukae ni kitara
3. flow (acoustic version)
4. flow (instrumental)

5" maxi single. Features KINBARA Chieko group on tracks 1, 3 and 4.

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture bird
Mermaid 3000
Label: Sony
Catalog no.: AICT-1292

Released on 2001.1.31 at ¥ 1020
Our Price: ¥ 330Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. Mermaid 3000 (Single Edit)
2. Mermaid 3000 (Rascal Mix)
3. Mermaid 3000 (Instrumental)

Produced by OSAWA Shinichi.

Obi. Not promo.
Item picture bird
Label: Sony
Catalog no.: AICT-1259

Released on 2000.9.27 at ¥ 1223
Our Price: ¥ 280Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
2. arekara
3. OASIS (kitadaichuu version)
4. OASIS (Organic)

Produced by OSAWA Shinichi (Mondo Grosso).

Obi. Not promo.

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Ester Rina and dive... 2000.1.27 ¥ 280Add to shopping cart 20% off!
1. Rossy Bird 2. manten GLIDER 3. A Servant Festival 4. A Banana filling the cup (Remix) 5. hoshi no kibaou (Remix)
Features K.O.G.A.
Obi. Not promo.
HOSAKA Akane pikkonoco Audio sample (MP3 stream) 2012.10 ¥ 700Add to shopping cart
1. osoba to mugi 2. 60's Dream My Home 3. ame no hi 4. kachikachi Typewriter 5. gaikoku ryokou 6. uchuu no korisu-chan 7. kurashi 8. Vous dancez? 9. Mecha Bird "Chika" 10. 1!2!pikotan (1!2!Sports Remix)
Original CD-R. Brand new! Sealed!
Jenka Skiss 1999.1.30 ¥ 560Add to shopping cart 30% off!
1. Sequence 2. The Day I Became A Bird 3. Tearmaker 4. Dida Dida 5. Girl 6. Do Me More 7. Again And Again 8. Go Home 9. Speck 10. For All
Female singer-songwriter. Album produced and recorded by Tore Johansson at Tambourine Studios.
Obi. Not promo.
Various Artists real 2 step - compiled by OSAWA Shinichi 2000.6.21 ¥ 450Add to shopping cart 50% off!
1. Jolynn Murray "wrapped up (zed bias vocal lick)" 2. Lynden David Hall "sleeping with victor (marvel & eli’s southside mix)" 3. Lovestation "teardrops (ramsey and fen remix)" 4. Lonyo/Comme ci comme ca "summer of love" 5. Nicky Prince "strong enough to survive (nu design remix)" 6. Damage "ghetto romance (y-tribe vocal)" 7. Phuturistix "blind faith" 8. G-Men "on my mind" 9. N'N'G feat. Rose Windross & Creed "liferide" 10. Sunship "try me out (let me lick it) feat. Anita Kelsey" 11. Bird "game (MJ Cole Remix) (Instrumental)" 12. Mondo Grosso "Life feat. Face (m.g. 2.7 stepped main mix) (Instrumental)"
2-step compilation selected by OSAWA Shinichi. Mostly England artists.
Obi. Not promo.

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