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Item picture ISHINO Takkyu
A Pack To The Future
Label: Loopa / Ki/oon
Catalog no.: KSCL-897

Released on 2005.12.7 at ¥ 2730
Our Price: ¥ 735Add to shopping cart (30% off!)

Track list:
1. ISHINO Takkyu "A Pack To The Future"
2. Yura Yura Teikoku "One Button"
3. Boys Noize "He Men"
4. Cirez D. "Teaser"
5. Trick & Kubic "Orbital Dance Machine (Tomas Andersson's Nervous Disco Remix)"
6. John Starlight "John's Addiction (Part 1)"
7. Steve Bug & DJ T "Monsterbaze"
8. Mason "The Screetch"
9. Tomas Andersson "Washing Up (Tiga Remix)"
10. Losoul "Brain Of Glass (Alter Ego Remix)"
11. Sluts'N' Strings + 909 "Summer Breeze"
12. The SUperman Lovers "Rebirth" ~ Hatiras, Macca & Alex Peace "Hey Frankie (Accapella Tool)"
13. Da Skunk "Hotbox"
14. Cirez D. "Lost Love"
15. Marco Corola "Sun City"
16. John Starlight "Shadowbreaker (Boys Noize Remix)"
17. Meloboy "Hot Love (DJ Koze Mix)"
18. Error Error "Rootten"
19. Swell Maps "Vertical Slum"

Mix CD by ISHINO Takkyu (Denki Groove).

Digipak (edges slightly damaged). No obi. Not promo.
Item picture ISHINO Takkyu
Karaokejack Audio sample (MP3 stream)
Label: Ki/oon
Catalog no.: KSC2-374

Released on 2001.4.25 at ¥ 3059
Our Price: ¥ 840Add to shopping cart (40% off!)

Track list:
1. elektronik go go go
2. rock da beat
3. turn over
4. S.W.A.P.
5. HypeHype
6. flight to Shag-hai
7. la peggi
8. gimme some high energy
9. creatures of the night
10. piano klang
11. chieko's acid experience
12. stereo nights
13. Frankenstein's haus

Quasi-non-stop techno album by Denki Groove's mastermind ISHINO Takkyu.

Limited edition (digipak). No obi. Not promo.
Item picture ISHINO Takkyu
throbbing disco cat
Label: Exceptional
Catalog no.: EXLPCD-9901

Released in 1999 at ¥ 3873
Our Price: ¥ 600Add to shopping cart (20% off!)

Track list:
1. suck me disco
2. acid daze are back
3. pescatora
4. tengu wars
5. neue welt
6. fuse 1
7. fuse 2
8. mgm on guest list
9. SAM jam seven
10. anna~letmein letmeout (long version)
11. feeling
12. the guitarist

UK edition.

No obi. Not promo.

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West End X Yuki SO.YA.NA Greatest Hits Audio sample (MP3 stream) 1995.10.21 ¥ 350Add to shopping cart 50% off!
1. TECHNO de SO.YA.NA 2. FOLK ga SO.YA.NA 3. ROCK ni SO.YA.NA 4. SO.YA.NA 5. EURO yo SO.YA.NA 6. TECHNO de SO.YA.NA (Bite My Jeans Mix)
Tracks 1 and 6 music and produced by ISHINO Takkyu (Denki Groove). Osaka dialect parody of East End X Yuri's hit "DA.YO.NE".
Obi. Not promo.

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