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Item picture Long Vacation
Drive To The 21st Century
Label: Fun House
Catalog no.: FHCT-2008

Released on 1995.4.26 at ¥ 3059
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Track list:
1. Sunday Love
2. CHERIE ni kuchizuke (Tout tout pour ma chérie)
3. Beach Time
4. The End of Affair
5. Last Summer Lovers
6. taiyou no shita no 18sai
7. koi suru CAPSULE AGE (Live)
8. Good-bye, Paper Love
9. Legs
10. kimi ni tsuite
11. soukou ZERO (Live)
12. Baby Go Round
13. kumo
14. itsuka kiita uta (Live)
15. tada ichido dake

Greatest hits album of band led by Kera, including a few soundtrack song covers. All new recordings, remixes and live recordings.

No obi. Not promo.
Item picture Long Vacation
Tokyo Porcupine Collection Vol.2
Label: Apollon
Catalog no.: APCA-79

Released on 1993.3.5 at ¥ 2854
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Track list:
1. Quel temps fait-il à Paris
2. Smile
3. Seven Golden Men
4. A Theme From A Summer Place
5. Arrivée des camionneurs
6. Le vieux fusil
7. Betty et Zorg
8. Cabaret
9. Brazil
10. Les bulles

Covers of famous movie soundtracks, from films "Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot", "Modern Times", "Seven uomini d'oro", "A Summer Place", "Les demoiselles de Rochefort", "Le vieux fusil", "37.2°C le matin", "Cabaret", "Brazil" and "Delicatessen". Features Kera. Art direction by SHINDO Mitsuo (C.T.P.P).

No obi. Not promo.
Item picture Long Vacation
Long Vacation's Pop
Label: Toshiba EMI
Catalog no.: TOCT-6629

Released on 1992.8.26 at ¥ 3059
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Track list:
1. Tout tout pour ma chérie
2. Theme Générique
3. aozora no kakera
4. kimi ni tsuite
5. Visionary Stories
6. Long Vacation's Touch
7. Ruling Class
9. The Figure of Summer
10. Baby Go Round

Early 90's techno-pop unit led featuring Kera of Nagomu Records. Includes covers and originals. Features INUYAMA Inuko chorus on 2 songs.

No obi. Not promo.

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