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Item picture OGINOME Yoko with Ugo Ugo Lhuga
De-Luxe Audio sample (MP3 stream)
Label: Victor
Catalog no.: VICL-23076

Released on 1993.7.21 at ¥ 2300
Our Price: ¥ 325Add to shopping cart (50% off!)

Track list:
1. kokugo sansuu rika shakai kyousoukyoku
2. Talk 1
3. Heaven
4. Talk 2
5. shiawase wa sunadokei no you ni
6. Talk 3
7. Always
8. Talk 4
9. You're My Angel
10. Talk 5
11. yume miru PLANET

Soundtrack album for TV show Ugo Ugo Lhuga, for which Pizzicato Five also produced "A Television Workshop e.p.". Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 are short spoken word tracks.

Obi. Not promo.

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