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Item picture Takuji a.k.a. Geetek
Mensole of Sound
Label: Crue-L
Catalog no.: KYTHMAK-096DA

Released on 2005.10.26 at ¥ 2940
Our Price: ¥ 400Add to shopping cart (50% off!)

Track list:
1. Yo What’s Up X Jaz
2. Every Little Step X DJ Kentaro X DSK
3. Jelly X Awich
4. Okinawan Massive X MC Cardz
5. Rock X DSK
6. Fusiontek
7. Sun Light X Aiko
8. Rakuen X G.Rina & MC Cardz
9. Paradise
10. Disconteque Brasil X KTa*brasil
11. Good Luck X G.Rina
12. Rock With You X Jazztronik
13. Mensole of Sound X Kinjo

Okinawa-style dance music by Crue-L Records artist, feat. DSK, DJ Kentaro, G.Rina and more. Limited edition including bonus megamix CD.

Limited edition. No obi. Not promo.

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