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Item picture Yellow Cherry
My Roots
Label: Big Time
Catalog no.: BTRCD-002

Released on 2005.7.14 at ¥ 2000
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Track list:
1. INTO! (honwaka CHERRY)
3. yureru machi '05
4. Sexy Lady
5. CLUB de odorou♥ (feat. Black Bottom Brass Band)
6. SKIT!! (meromero CHERRY)
7. Present Summer Time
8. tsutaetai koto
9. My Roots
10. Don’t Stop
11. Memories
12. OUTRO!!! (nikoniko CHERRY)
13. yureru machi (Blue Faces Mix)

Includes CD extra video of "yureru machi '05". 2 MC and 1 DJ hip-hop/reggae unit from Aomori. Track 5 features Black Bottom Brass Band.

Obi. Not promo. CD-extra content not guaranteed to work on non-Japanese computers.

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